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Karen Lampe

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Rev. Karen Lampe is Church of the Resurrection’s Executive Pastor of Congregational Care. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, a Master of Divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology and has spent most of her adult life in healing ministries, serving as a physical therapist before pursuing ordained ministry. Karen is the author of two books: The Caring Congregation and The Caring Congregation: Training Manual and Resource Guide. She is passionate about the development of pastors and volunteer Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) to serve in the local church. She has presented at workshops across the country, teaching how to start a CCM Ministry and covering important aspects of care.
Karen and her husband Les have 3 children and 4 most adorable and brilliant grandchildren!
Karen’s Presentation Topics Include:
  • Starting a CCM Ministry
  • Prayer
  • Listening
  • Boundaries
  • Death
  • Grief
  • Support Groups