• Communion Training Videos
    Communion Training Videos
    These videos present the framework by which volunteers are trained and equipped to serve Communion at Church of the Resurrection. Though many of the logistical details are specific to Church of the Resurrection's facilities, they provide an example of how to prepare volunteers for these roles. This type of video can be used in a training situation or emailed to new or potential volunteers.
  • Membership at Church of the Resurrection
    Membership at Church of the Resurrection

    This resource explains the membership process at Church of the Resurrection.  Our goal is to make membership accessible, while at the same time honoring the significance of the decision people are making.

  • ReConnection Process and Training Materials
    ReConnection Process and Training Materials

    The ReConnection team handbook provides instructions and process overview for staff and volunteers engaged in helping re-connect inactive members at Church of the Resurrection. These resources empower volunteers to make meaningful connections with members that remind them they are valued and missed when they are not present in worship, while also encouraging members to return to worship as soon as they are able. At the same time, these connections also lead to the identification of previously unknown congregational care needs that help us better care for our congregation.

  • Section Communities Training
    Section Communities Training

    Section Leaders and Section Greeters in worship at Church of the Resurrection are responsible for providing a warm, inviting environment for visitors and members sitting in their assigned section, helping to build community within our large congregation. They focus on the 3 principles of radical hospitality: Notice, Personal Attention, and Excellent Follow-Through.

    In this Resource, you will find the roles of Section Leaders and Section Greeters, a sample of the section assignments in the Church of the Resurrection sanctuary and a sample invitation card, used periodically by Section Greeters to invite those sitting in their section to an informal gathering after worship.

  • Usher and Greeter Handbooks
    Usher and Greeter Handbooks

    These handbooks present the framework by which worship ushers and door greeters are trained and equipped to serve at Church of the Resurrection. They provide an example of how to prepare volunteers for these roles. They can be used in a training situation or emailed to potential volunteers.

  • Visitor Connection and Follow Up
    Visitor Connection and Follow Up

    Helping visitors feel welcomed and cared for is a high value at Church of the Resurrection. We are committed to making our follow-up processes as light and non-invasive as possible (while still being committed to following up).  We recognize the courage it takes for someone to come to church for the first time, and so we try to be sensitive, walking that fine line between following-up and something that feels more like stalking.  In this resource you will find the processes we use to follow up as well as the "why" behind them.

  • Volunteer Management Practices
    Volunteer Management Practices

    The Volunteer Management Practices (VMP) Resource presents a framework of four practices critical for those who desire to lead/manage volunteers successfully. Intentional focus on these four practices – invite, connect, equip, and sustain – will prepare volunteers to have maximum impact in their service role in an engaging and fulfilling way. The VMP resources include a full-color chart that defines and provides examples of each of the four essential practices for leading volunteers in a healthy and sustainable manner, and four videos – one for each of the practices, in which ministry leaders at Church of the Resurrection describe real-life examples of how they live into that particular practice. These resources are excellent for use in training new leaders of volunteers, as skill refreshers for more experienced leaders, or as a reference for leaders who need a brush-up in a particular area.