• Baptism Resources
    Baptism Resources

    Here you'll find a booklet that guides and helps a family celebrate the faith passages in the their child's life - from Baptism through Confirmation - along with other information and requirements used for Baptism at Church of the Resurrection.

  • Beyond the Broken Heart Curriculum
    Beyond the Broken Heart Curriculum
    This Resource contains an 8-week curriculum for grief support based on the book, Beyond the Broken Heart by Julie Yarbrough. Each session contains prayer, scripture, lesson and small group discussion questions.
  • Congregational Care Topic Cards
    Congregational Care Topic Cards

    These Care Cards were developed by Church of the Resurrection to give pastors, staff and volunteers in Congregational Care a tool to use when counseling or visiting someone in need. Cards are available on a variety of topics and include general information, associated scripture readings, a prayer, suggested reading and resources for each topic. Cards can be made available in a chapel setting and/or Congregational Care reception area.

  • Divorce Recovery Discussion Tools
    Divorce Recovery Discussion Tools

    This resource includes 21 simple conversation and reflection guides addressing a variety of divorce-related topics, from bitterness to grief, to sleep and starting over. Though some of them have wider relevance, they are used in divorce recovery groups for men at Church of the Resurrection.

  • Frail and Elderly Ministry Overview
    Frail and Elderly Ministry Overview

    Church of the Resurrection's Ministry to the Frail and Elderly, or Silver Link Ministry, creates and maintains a connection with older persons who are unable to fully engage in the life of the church. In this Resource you will find a flyer used by our staff to inform congregants about the mission of the ministry and a volunteer recruitment tool for the ministry.

  • How to Lead a Care Home Worship Service
    How to Lead a Care Home Worship Service

    Providing worship experiences for those in Care Homes or Assisted Living is an important care ministry for churches.  The documents in this Resource are an example of the order of worship and sermons for both settings, used by Church of the Resurrection.

  • Messages from the Wilderness
    Messages from the Wilderness

    In the Bible, the wilderness was both a geographic place, barren and harsh, and a metaphor for those times when life is filled with adversity. In our own lives, we all have seasons when we walk through the wilderness – seasons of loss, opposition, abandonment or despair. This sermon series from Church of the Resurrection studies the lives of five biblical characters who found themselves in the wilderness and offers keys to surviving our own wilderness times. You will find here all the series resources that were produced, along with the weekly sermons (with the exception of a Week 2 Sermon Illustration video which was regrettably lost due to a corrupted file).

  • Praying Out Loud Curriculum
    Praying Out Loud Curriculum

    Church of the Resurrection has compiled some favorite tips on prayer over the years into a concise curriculum. This has been turned into a class, often advertised as Praying Out Loud. The curriculum can be taught quickly (in an hour) or stretched out over a longer study course. It has been used with small groups and is designed to introduce people to the importance of prayer, making prayer a part of everyday life and gaining the courage to pray out loud.

  • Speaking with Jesus Devotional
    Speaking with Jesus Devotional

    In this Resource, you will find a guided conversation with Jesus designed to deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ..  The devotional can be used across many settings, but can be particularly useful for mentors guiding students through a spiritual discovery and development process.

  • Spiritual Lessons for Depression and Anxiety
    Spiritual Lessons for Depression and Anxiety

    Church of the Resurrection's Live Well Emotional Wellness Ministry is based on this belief that if we get the science right we can get the care right.  This Resource contains videos which are featured at the end of Resurrection's Live Well classes. They speak to the person in ways that do not discredit the biology behind their diagnosis.  Churches may choose to use these videos as a supplement to their own support group materials.

  • Unafraid
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    This resource explores the most common worries and fears experienced by Americans today, considers practical steps for overcoming these fears, and reflects upon fear in the light of scripture and a faith that promises again and again that we don’t need to live in fear.

    Here you'll find videos you can use to promote a sermon series on this topic, as well as samples of materials you can use for a church-wide study on this topic, including the opening chapters of the book Unafraid: Living with Courage and Hope in Uncertain Times, along with a corresponding small group video, leader guide and graphic.

    In addition, you will also find below all the original sermon series resources produced by Church of the Resurrection, along with the weekly sermons.

    Make the most of Easter this year by helping people live with courage and hope!
  • Wedding Policies and Procedures
    Wedding Policies and Procedures

    This Resource contains policies and procedures formulated by Church of the Resurrecton for use with members and visitors in planning a wedding at the church.

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